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About Me.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Marin. Raised in an environment that emphasized and celebrated creativity, art has always been a part of my life. 

I pursued a BA in Radio, Film, and TV at the University of Texas at Austin, immersing myself in the world of storytelling and film production. Post-graduation, I headed to LA, diving into the entertainment industry. From an assistant to an executive, I've seen it all, worked on fantastic films, and learned the ins and outs of the business. Along the way, I also began producing my own content.

However, I quickly realized that producing often meant dealing more with numbers and pitches than with raw creativity. Seeking a creative outlet, I turned to graphic design. It started as a side interest but soon grew into a passion.

During the pandemic, I launched a TikTok channel focused on graphic design. It was a fun experiment that unexpectedly took off. I gained followers, and soon, design commissions started rolling in. I found myself creating numerous invitations and various other design pieces.​

This period was a turning point for me. It dawned on me that I could combine my love for art and storytelling. Leveraging my 15 years of experience in film development with my graphic design skills, I began crafting film and TV pitch decks, blending visual storytelling with cinematic narratives.


Now, I offer a range of graphic design services, always on the lookout for new challenges and creative opportunities. If you're looking for someone who can bring a story to life through design, I'm here for you. Let’s collaborate and create something amazing!

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